24h data service

Fill in the form below, telling us what you require and upload your files. We will do your data analytics within 24 hours.

We will send you the results in the form of an ACL script and a Qlik application. You can use the ACL script to re-run the analysis if you have ACL. You can download Qlik desktop for free in order to view your results in Qlik. If you prefer the results in another format (Excel, text, etc.), please mention this below.

We guarantee that we will respect the confidential nature of your data and that we will not communicate to anyone about your request or the results of it.

We will check that you are happy with the results of the analysis before sending you an invoice for one day (250 USD).

In the description of request, please think about giving us the following information:

- Do you need to concatenate files together?

- Do you need to compare one or more files?

- Do you need to convert files from one format to another (Excel to text or something)?

- Do you need to convert unstructured data (log files, till receipts) or PDFs (client invoices) into a table?

- Do you need to do some calculations or algorithms (documentation or SQL, ABAP programmes useful)?

- Do you need to get a summary, for example total per category?

- Are you looking to get a list of exceptions (for example fraud scenarios, unmatched payments, unbilled revenue)?

- Are you looking to get a dynamic dashboard to view your results (QLIK desktop)?

- Are you looking to get your results in any other format? (Excel, etc.)?

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Customer comment

  • Aufinia

  • Comments from CMI

  • "I discovered by chance the '24-hour data' service. I was desperately looking for a solution to import extraction from one accounting software into another one. Of course, both software were not able to speak the same language, so I first tried to do something with excel - failed. I was thinking about changing software or hiring a full-time accountant to hand-write all my entries in the software : both costly and time consuming. So I had nothing to loose to try this service. I send my request on the website (took me maybe 15 minutes to describe precisely my needs). At the end of the day, I received some very powerful comments and questions. 24-hours after I sent the query, 90% of the job was done and I was confident that it was possible to do 100%. We continued to work together the whole week and it was really nice to work with Claire as she understood really deeply what I needed, and sent really accurate questions to validate her work. 

    We succeed to do the job at the end of the week, something that would have token 3 month to do manually. My accountant colleagues are talking now about the 'magic tool'... I'm so happy that I'm considering the other services provided by the company as it seems to be really helpful for managers. "