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Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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Big data makerting dashboards

Big data is a hot topic for marketing. But often such data is hard to come by or is in a format that is not compatible with your financial systems.

You may find that your marketing teams are spending hours trying to reconcile big data to corporate data, and then more hours devising a report. But how do you know that these reports are accurate and error free?

We can help you to implement marketing dashboards for your teams by automating the comparison of big data to corporate data. The dahsboards are refreshed on a daily basis, so you always get the latest picture.

If you require help in data acquisition, we also have a web-scrapping team that can help you identify price and demographic informatioin from specific web sites and combine it into database format. This data can then be fed into your marketing dashboards.

In this way, we help you to know more about where your buyers are, what the competitors are pricing their products at, and how the market is shifting.