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Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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Global Internal Audit Dashbaords

Internal auditors can increase the efficiency of their audits by having vital statistics and exception lists to hand before they start their field work preparation.

Our internal audit dashboards provide your auditors with a summary of all of the cases to be reviewed, right from the start, as well as giving auditors the big picture in terms of risk.

Our dashboards include:

- Correlation between exceptions: third-parties or transactions that are identified in more than one exception list

- Scoring per third-party or transaction

- Total value of exceptions and risk score per type of exception

- Total value or esceptions and risk score per entity or geographical location

Auditors use our dashboards to identify high risk areas. They can then further analyze third-parties or transactions that are picked up by many exception lists in order to check for fraud. For example, a user that creates a supplier with a similar address as his own, payments for this supplier that are not supported by invoices, payment delays that are very short for this supplier.

Auditors can download from the dashboards the detail of the exceptions, in order to look them up in their IT system, whilst they are preparing samples for review with the audited entity.