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Global Internal Control Dashbaords

Internal control reaches out across all areas of the business. Each line manager has some responsibility for internal control. A member of finance is responsible for doing bank reconciliations. The warehouse manager is responsible for ensuring that cyclical stock counts are done. The purchasing manager is responsible for ensuring that the preferred supplier list is used. The director of human resources is responsible for ensuring that payroll is correct.

These internal controls make up a network that protects your company.

But how do you know whether or not there is a hole in the net? Obvioulsy you cannot spend your time checking and mending the net all day, because apart from being a boring and repetitive task, you have better things to do, right?

That's where Aufinia can help you. We provide you with dashboards that show you how all of your internal controls are functioning across your company, on one page. Not only do these dashboards save you time, but they also give you a good level assurance and traceability, fi you happen to have a visit from the SEC, the UKBA or simply the local tax office.

Our internal control dashboards also help you by giving you an independent look at your level of internal controls that is based on all of the detailed transactions in your company.

Transparency helps to create awareness. At Aufinia we firmly believe that greater awareness of internal controls encourages staff to abide by the rules and to create an honest corporate culture.

"The best method of prevention is the perception of detection" ACFE.

We can set up your internal control dashboards department-by-department in the most cost effective and efficient way on the market.

Contact us today to get the process started ... and then enjoy the extra time and serenity that we bring you.