Aufinia ® 2018

Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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Welcome to the Aufinia demo.  

In order to use the demo, please click on the link below and enter the user name: guest  with the password Aufinia12345!


  1. Please note that only one person can access the demo at one time. If you get the "Access path" error, please try again later.
  2. If necessary include domain name (depending on your device or when you get "Expect domain\user" error), user name with domain name: Qlik\guest


The purpose of the demo is to enable you to see how dynamic dashboards can be used in a fun way to get valuable insights and transparency over your data.

  1. POs/SOs dashboard demo
  2. Executive dashboard demo


You may also contact us to set up a private demo based on your own data. In order to do this, please visit our 24H data service at the top of this page.