Aufinia ® 2018

Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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Aufinia was set up in 2010 in France by Claire Worledge, after  10 years as manager for the data analytics business at Deloitte.  Today, Aufinia is registered in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh.


Aufinia’s team differs to our competitors in that we have strong business process experience, a strong grounding in accounting, internal control and internal audit, as well as deep technical expertise in SAP, data analytics and the world-leading data analytics and data visualization tools.


Claire’s vision is to provide the management of all companies 100% transparency over their business.  It is her vision to provide all managers with access to their data at the click of a button and from any device, so that they can work efficiently and make informed decisions in a proactive and cost-effective way, thus freeing them up from administrative tasks and allowing them to spend more time creatively working towards their goals.