Aufinia ® 2018

Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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Do your staff spend a lot of time looking at Excel and trying to make powerpoint reports?

Then when you are in a meeting and you ask them questions about their powerpoint reports, do they note down the question in order to go away and try and dig out the answer later?

Today, there is no need to waste so much time! Qlik provides a revolution in data visualization, that enables your staff to come to the meeting with a dynamic dashboard that can be filtered, drilled-down, updated in the meeting, all at the click of a button. You can look at the figures and play with them during the meeting.

Qlik desktop is a free application, therefore there is nothing stopping you from providing it to all of your staff.

We can provide your staff with training on Qlik and they will be able to use it after only two days of training, even if they are not technical. For example, you could train everyone in your finance department to be able to use Qlik.

Then, boring meetings that take a long time to prepare powerpoints for, and that take a long time to follow-up on afterwards, will become a thing of the past.