Aufinia ® 2018

Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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The data analytics market is moving extremely fast and is changing the way many of us do business.

This opens up a lot of opportunities and challenges going forward.

At Aufinia we are very excited to be in the data analytics business today and to be learning about all of the Qlik and ACL software developments as they happen. 

Aufinia has opened up a global center for data analytics based in Ho Chi Minh City. Our data analytics center trains IT students on data analytics, auditing, accounting, SAP, fraud detection and internal control, giving them the opportunity to use their IT knowledge as a trampoline towards an international career in business management.

We believe that IT and data analytics is the future of business and we are helping young students in HCMC to grow into that space.

At the same time, we are excited to offer to all of our international clients a cost-effective platform, giving them access to key information that they can use in a fun and efficient way from any mobile device to improve performance accross all areas of their business.

Join Aufinia in 2018 and come with us into the future of data analytics.