Aufinia ® 2018

Empower your teams with access to dynamic dashboards

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  • Do your teams come to you with figures, but without information?
  • If you ask them questions, do they have to go back and play with some Excel files for hours before trying to come up with an answer?
  • How do you know that the figures that they are presenting to you are correct, without reviewing in detail all of their work?

Dashboards, such as those that you can use in Qlik, enable you to provide to your staff in a consistent way, data that is reliable. With two or three days of training, your staff can then use this data in Qlik to create dashboards in order to understand relationships between data sets such as sales and margins. Your staff will be able to do this, thanks to the drag and drop interface. They will not require any IT training.

Since you set-up the data sets that go into Qlik, and since you will verify these and since Qlik is easy to use, you will know that your staff are looking at the correct numbers.

In order to provide traceability concerning the creation of data sets for Qlik, we recommend that you use a tool such ACL to create these data sets. ACL logs all data processing tasks and can be relied on by auditors to know exactly where data is obtained from and how it has been manipulated. Furthermore, the data in ACL can not be modified. Therefore, unlike Excel, your staff will not make errors due to accidentally deleting some data out of an Excel cell, when doing something such as filtering or copy-paste.