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Training: Enable your teams to detect fraud

  • 250 EUR

Target audience: Internal controllers, internal auditors, head of operational units

Ensure that your key staff members are aware of real-life fraud cases and their impact on your organisation. Give them the data analytics skills to enable them to implement controls that are mandatory in most of today's legal jurisdictions. Get your staff thinking about how to detect fraud. Safeguard yourself from legal responsibility arising from fraud occuring within your organisation or within the third-parties linked to your organisation.

This training includes over 400 pages of Powerpoint slides as well as example data sets and ACL programmes, with detailed step by step instructions for creating fraud detection tests. To use the ACL programmes, you will need an ACL Desktop licence. Please contact us for purchasing an ACL Desktop licence should you wish to do the data analytics exercises in this training.


Your teams will get knowledge about real fraud cases occurring in Asia and their consequences for both you and your organisation.